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Handling Spousal Support Legal Matters

In marriage, the income levels of both spouses are not always equal. If one parent stayed at home raising children or was unemployed for a period of time, it can be difficult to adjust to the reduction in income during and after a divorce. Temporary alimony can help a spouse through the transition period. For longer marriages, permanent alimony may be available to provide a spouse with ongoing support.

At The Bickerton Law Firm, APLC,  I represent clients in divorce and other family law matters in the Central Valley. As an experienced Livermore alimony attorney, I understand the effect alimony payments can have on your future. I work diligently to resolve disputes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, including resolving disputes in negotiation or mediation. However, if litigation becomes necessary, I will be ready to stand up and protect your rights in court.

How Is Alimony Calculated?

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is calculated by looking at a number of factors, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Income of both spouses
  • Earning potential and employability of both spouses
  • Marital standard of living

There are two types of alimony available in California: temporary alimony and permanent alimony. Generally, temporary alimony is awarded before the divorce is final. At the time of the divorce, it will be determined whether permanent alimony is necessary.

Spousal Support Modifications And Enforcements

If there is a substantial change in circumstances, such as a job loss, it may be possible to modify an alimony award. I can help you with your modification, and I also help clients with enforcement actions.

Let’s Discuss Your Support Concerns In A Free Consultation

I offer a free initial office and phone consultation, accept credit cards, charge competitive rates and operate an office conveniently located right off the freeway and near downtown Livermore. Contact me online or call 925-344-4166.