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Guidance That Puts Your Children First

Every child needs support from his or her parents. For this reason, the California child support guidelines provide a formula for the calculation of child support. While the guidelines look at a number of factors, it may be possible to deviate from the guidelines if there are special circumstances.

Helping Families With Child Support Issues In Pleasanton

I am Jeff M. Bickerton of The Bickerton Law Firm, APLC, and I help parents in California with child support and family law matters. Whether as part of a divorce or as a separate claim, I can provide you with the supportive and compassionate legal services that you need. As a Livermore child support attorney, I have helped hundreds of clients in the Tri Valley and Central Valley, and I can help you resolve any child support disputes. Contact me to learn more.

Understanding Child Support In California

Child support is determined largely by formulas that take a number of factors into account, including:

While the guidelines and child support calculators can be rigid, I can help you navigate the child support formulas and work to present additional information that may positively affect the outcome of a support order. A child support calculation is only as accurate as the inputs used in the formula.

Skilled Attorney Handling Child Support Modifications And Enforcements

Many factors can permit a person to modify an existing child support order. For instance, unemployment, a new job or a move out of state could result in a change in support payments. In addition to modifications, I also assist clients with enforcement of support orders.

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