The Divorce Process
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The Divorce Process

After deciding to divorce, you may be uncertain of what happens next, how custody will be arranged, and how your divorce will affect your job, income and life. When you work with an established and proven California family law attorney you can rest assured and know that you are getting the guidance and advice you need to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

7 Steps To A California Divorce

Not every marriage is the same, nor is every divorce. But in California there are some basic steps to getting a divorce. These are:

  1. Agree to divorce or decide you will divorce
  2. Complete the required forms
  3. File the forms with the court
  4. Send copies of court forms to partner
  5. Partner’s response to the divorce is filed and sent to petitioner (person who filed)
  6. There is an exchange of financial documents through preliminary declaration of disclosure
  7. Court reviews the case, and approves and signs a judgment

Understand The Process, Timeline, Cost And Possible Outcomes

Divorce and custody issues can be scary because so much of the process is unfamiliar. Work with a California family law attorney who has helped hundreds of people find the solution they needed. I am attorney Jeff Bickerton. Since 2003 I’ve helped people just like you dissolve their marriage and find the best outcome for their family.

When we meet I will listen to your situation, and we can talk about what you’d like to happen. I will let you know how I can help, how long it will most likely take and what it will cost. The difference between working with me and a big firm is that I am personally dedicated to your case and committed to resolving your issue. You won’t get a secretary or paralegal or answering service, you will have my direct number and work one-on-one with me every step of the way.

Get The Personal Service And Skilled Guidance Your Divorce Needs

As the principal attorney at The Bickerton Law Firm, APLC, I understand the value of effective negotiation – that often this can save you time and money. I also understand that some issues require taking things a step further and pursuing an outcome in court. No matter what your case requires, I can help. Call 925-344-4166 or email me to get started.